Countryside Retreat

Every so often I will go out to the mountains with my family for retreat weekend. I have been twice lately. The first time, I took my DSLR with me and have since forgotten to share those photos. I just went this past weekend and am reminded that I can share a bit about the weekends.

Sometimes it is a challenge to think of new images and compositions when you frequent the same places. During the first trip, the creek near where we stayed was low, but this past week it was swollen from so much rain. It was possibly the fullest I have seen in my lifetime and there were little streams where streams had never run before. The weather was mild for both trips and I got plenty of walking and hiking in.

I believe I saw an eagle, possibly two, this past trip. I did not get a good look at either bird, but they definitely struck me as larger than hawks and were not vultures. My guess would be either a golden eagle or an immature bald eagle. We used to get rare sightings of eagles out in the mountains when I was a kid and I have not seen any others in a long time.

The Virginia highlands are just breathtakingly beautiful when the weather is just right. When the air is cool and clear, the clouds are rolling and the sun breaks through to illuminate just parts of the valleys… it just as amazing as any view I have seen in other countries.

Thank you for stopping by today! I am very behind on sharing my Guatemala film and I am still not sure when I will be able to share those images. I have another big trip coming up, so we shall see which trip actually gets shared here first!

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