Walking Into New Territory


Mayapple, Copyright © 2014 Sarah Derr

Earlier this fall, I underwent a major operation on one of my hip joints. Since that day, I have been in physical therapy and begrudgingly using crutches. For just over a month I was on medical leave and preparing for a job transfer within the University of Virginia. This week is my first week in my new position with the Department of Emergency Medicine.

This post’s photo is of Mayapple, a native ground cover found in Virginia. According to an article by the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia, the fruit produced is edible (not shown). However, the other parts of the plant are poisonous and should not be consumed.

Featuring this image ties in with my new position with UVA.

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Who is taking care of you?

This fall, a UVA Health System colleague has hired me once again to come to her clinic and capture headshots of her co-workers during brief morning sessions. The purpose is to add more 4×6 prints to a photo board we created last year that hangs in the waiting room. The board helps patients know their care team better by enabling them to put names and faces together. I have to say I am impressed with how photogenic this team is!

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Countryside Retreat

Every so often I will go out to the mountains with my family for retreat weekend. I have been twice lately. The first time, I took my DSLR with me and have since forgotten to share those photos. I just went this past weekend and am reminded that I can share a bit about the weekends.

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SDP in 2016

This summer has been keeping me rather busy. I work full time, but I have also taken on a photography project with another clinic. The program coordinator and I are working together to take, compile and assemble photos onto an official board for the clinic. This board will be displayed in the waiting room so that patients and visitors can see their care team.

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Friends, Fedoras, and a Flash

In preparation for a photography project that is quickly approaching on the calendar, I got together with some friends to try out a light set. My friends were gracious enough to sit in and be a part of this session. We used an empty wall in the apartment as a back drop and perhaps it was not the most flattering color, but we worked with it and had a great time.

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