SDP in 2016

This summer has been keeping me rather busy. I work full time, but I have also taken on a photography project with another clinic. The program coordinator and I are working together to take, compile and assemble photos onto an official board for the clinic. This board will be displayed in the waiting room so that patients and visitors can see their care team.

This is my first time taking corporate headshots. My main focus is providing well composed prints for the board, which is a finite use of the photos. If these photos were intended for a digital database for use by the clinic, I would be even more concerned with all the little details (i.e. the exact lay of a shirt, lanyards, etc). However, the limited intentions and time restraints posed by my regular full time job allow for a bit of flexibility.

I am very thankful for this project. I had to take last year completely off from procuring business due to hand/wrist injuries. This project was not attained through advertising, but arose because I know the program coordinator outside of work and she remembered that I am a photographer. The IRS should be relieved that my business is not dead in the water.

In other news, I am preparing for a vacation trip in October. Through a lot of patience and hard work, I have managed to arrange for an international trip. It has been a long time since I have had a weeklong, enjoyable vacation and this adventure should be quite interesting. Also the ongoing debate is whether I should take my professional camera with me on this trip.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope that you are not suffering in the summer heat, but enjoying the company of friends and leisurely weekend activities.

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