Outlook for 2016

I will admit, 2015 took a lot out of me. So much of my energy was tied in with my health, finances, and my work with UVA. I essentially lost my job because of a wrist injury and went through some financial struggle before being transferred into a new position. The whole year was one problem after another. I realized recently that all the energy expenditure basically taxed a lot of my creative juices and ability to be inspired to create art. But I have been considering revisiting my 2013 project of photographing Charlottesville. There has been some significant visual changes to some of the locations I photographed 2-3 years ago and showing a side-by-comparison of the changes could be interesting.

While I have not picked up my Mark II or my AE-1P recently, I have been trying to keep going with my Instagram account via my iPhone. The images below are slightly out of order, but more-or-less grouped by location.

Out in the mountains:

Washington, DC:





A fair amount of my Instagram is comprised of images from my commute to and from work. Even though I live a couple of miles from my work place, it normally takes me 30-40 minutes to get to work and so I often have time to snap a photo. Follow me on Instagram here.

My hope for 2016 is good health, consistent employment, good finances, plenty of time to enjoy life and more use of my camera equipment. I do not currently have any big or otherwise extravagant plans for the year, but I know there will be fun events along the way. And just between you and me, I secretly I hope to be the official unofficial Instagramer of UVA Health System.

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