They are engaged!

My best friend got engaged last week! Maria and Brian met in Austria during a study abroad program for school about five years ago, started dating, and Brian has since moved down to Virginia to live near Maria. It was only forty-eight hours prior to the engagement that I got wind that it was happening! I left work as quick as I could to make it out to the restaurant. Maria’s dad and I hid at the other end of the restaurant until it was time. Now, I can’t say, I had the steadiest hand when I taking the action shots and they also sat in the darkest corner….. but it was great, nevertheless, to be there and capture the moment.

Behind the scenes:

I managed to get them out of the restaurant for a few portraits! If you are wondering what is going on in some of these photos, watch their engagement video! It was taken by Maria’s dad. And yes, it was hilarious and a perfect engagement.

Thank you for stopping by today! Congrats, Maria and Brian!

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