Living Life

September is proving to be a very busy month for me. I have been working full-time at UVA and have had eventful evenings and weekends. My current work isn’t quite described under an umbrella title like receptionist, because there is so many things I do during the course of the day. I do paperwork, but I also get a lot of exercise going between tasks. In other news, I am also filling my time with Spanish lessons, Catholicism class, babysitting, day trips, and housework.

Some of these first images are from UVA – either at the building where I work or at the bus stops. My current position is a temporary assignment through a staffing agency, but I hope to be placed soon through UVA’s internal temp staffing and also be considered for a permanent position that may open in the clinic where I am now. God has been hearing my prayers this summer and I hope that He will continue to show favor or at least continue to guide me as I make upcoming decisions.

For Labor Day, relatives met at my uncle’s place for a potluck and boating. My sister and I went out on the water in kayaks. It was kinda hot, but between sunscreen and a wide-brim hat, I was fine. We saw turtles, a great blue heron, and fish in the water.

I went up to Carter Mountain Orchard one morning with a couple of friends to get apples and donuts. It was a rainy morning and chilly, but it was kinda nice to be up there on a cooler day. I plan to use my slow cooker to make applesauce with the apples I bought. It is somewhat of a family tradition to make homemade applesauce each fall. My grandmother used to do it, my mother does it, and now I do it as well.


Thank you for stopping by today! These images were taken with my phone and link to my Instagram folder on SmugMug.

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