Celebrating One Year!

Recently, I had the honor of taking photos for Melissa and Byron. I have known Melissa for many years, because we were both a part of youth group at church when we were in high school. This August, they are celebrating one year of marriage!

The barns you see in these images are barns that Melissa spent time in and around when she was a kid visiting her grandparents. Her grandparents still own some land outside of Charlottesville and enjoy feeding flocks of hummingbirds. I had a great time getting to know both grandparents as well as Byron. I was glad to hear my family are not the only ones that eat tomato and peanut butter sandwiches – Melissa’s grandfather enjoys them as well! Mmm.

Thank you, Melissa and Byron, for the opportunity to photograph and celebrate your 1st year anniversary! If any of my viewers are interested in seeing more photos from this session, each photo is linked to the online gallery.

Upcoming: My best friend, Maria, got engaged this past week to her boyfriend, Brian. I took several quick photos of their engagement and I hope to share them soon here on the blog. Stay tuned!

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