Trees and Things

So the other day…. or more like, the other week month…. I went to Williamsburg with my friend, Lindsay, and we went exploring some around the historic area. I started a roll of black and white film there that I later finished in Honduras. So yes, it has been about two months since these photos were taken. They have not been a high priority for me due to the importance of Honduras, moving to a new place, and starting a new job. I have been busy, busy for the last two months! So here are five photos I took in June.

Lindsay and I saw, what we would call, a “gang” of squirrels while going down a side street in Colonial Williamsburg. There were about a dozen squirrels chattering away and chasing each other. It was like watching the animal kingdom’s version of West Side Story. Only a couple of weeks ago, I saw a group of squirrels outside of my parents’ house partaking in the same group/community behavior. Luckily, cross your heart and knock on wood, they will not destroy my beefsteak tomatoes before they are all ready.

I am going to keep this post short. Chao!

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