Three Years

As I am preparing to move across town, I am being reminded that BOOKS are a pain to move, because they can be deceptively heavy! I was thumbing through a couple of my photography books and one focusing on portraits by Steve McCurry had me reminiscing about some of the portraits I have taken over the past three years. I won’t compare my work to a National Geographic photographer, but I do aspire to become one. This post will be featuring some of the portraits I have taken over the past three years (i.e. since I graduated college) and they are not shown chronologically.

Some of my favorite photos are of subjects that are aware of the camera. It is interesting how different people respond to being photographed. The context to a viewer may not be evident, but the instantaneous reaction is. I use both film and digital cameras. I hope you enjoy today’s nostalgic post!


I am constantly trying to reconcile my interests and consider how I could develop a career that could combine them. One interest is becoming a pediatric nurse (either an LPN or associate’s RN?), another is a photojournalist covering stories for National Geographic or LIFE, and another is becoming a urban landscape architect (MLA). I want to work towards fluency in Spanish, because it is a very relevant and useful second language to have. It is entirely possible that I could have more than one career in my lifetime. If you know me well, leave a comment below with your insight! (I will appreciate it for sure!)

Thank you to friends and strangers who have been included in my work over the years! I look forward to many more years behind the camera and I hope that I will continue to improve. Thank you also to those of you who follow my blog.

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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