Honduras Film – Part 3

I got a bit bolder with portraits as my stay in Honduras progressed. This batch of film was taken with Kodak Tri-x 35mm black and white film and was one of the later rolls that I took. Images seen in today’s post range from being taken in Cantarranas to a vocational school to the shopping areas in Valle de Angeles. Almost all of the portraits I took on my trip were candids.

These first three photos of school children were taken at Cindy school, where we did a photobooth and gave balsam wood planes to the kids. This was on our Saturday morning there. We invited the students’ families to join us for family portraits. Our team took their portraits, printed 4x6s off using a portable Epson PictureMate printer, and framed them in matboard. Once we took all the portraits, the children received their planes and got to play in the courtyard with them.

On Monday morning there, we went to a vocational school in Valle de Angeles and spoke to a group there. Students gathered in a large woodshop classroom and brought their own desks in. They were respectively attentive. Flavio did some music, Mark shared a message, Nate and Matt shared their testimonies. The room was open air, with fenced windows and open doors. We stood at the front of the classroom during the duration of our presentation.

These next two are street scenes in Cantarranas.

We also had some shopping time in Valle de Angeles. I am not much of souvenir buyer per se, because I tend to value photos over trinkets. But I enjoyed the outing and enjoyed much of the time in a cafe with friends. And I might have had too much coffee that day…. but that is story to be told by Chuck. We enjoyed our Monday lunch there in town. I had pupusas, which were as good as I remember. They make them fresh on the doorstep of the restaurant – as seen in some upcoming photos.

That is all for today! I have one more color roll to share and that will be posted early next week, once I have the time to scan and post-process. Thank you for stopping by today to see my photos! Dios te bendiga.

To see previous Honduras posts from this year’s trip, click here: Sneak Peek, Part 1, and Part 2.

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