Honduras – Part 4

It may be almost a month later since I first got on the airplane to Honduras, BUT here is final installation of my film photos! To see the previous ones, click here: Sneak Peek, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I accidentally missed sharing two photos in the last post, so these first two were on the Kodak Tri-X roll and were taken in Valle de Angeles near a square/city park.

Today’s roll is Kodak Portra color negative film. These photos were taken in Valle de Angeles, Cantarranas, and Tegucigalpa. This first photo is of the Catholic church in Valle de Angeles – many Central America towns are centered around a square with a Catholic church.

The artsy side of me enjoys seeing art in Central America that is made out of recycled plastics and other trash. Hanging in the square were art pieces made out of plastic bottles and old tires.

On one corner of the square is a Espresso Americano cafe. I spent a good part of my time in Valle de Angeles sitting on the patio there since I was not too interested in the shopping. People watching from and spending time with friends in a Central American cafe is one of my favorite things to do. Coffee has been a huge part of life over the past three years – it is a symbol of hospitality and friendship to me. I have sat in many cafes with friends and always come away with good memories.

In this next photo of a mural, notice that it is made of plastic bottle tops! There is a street corner that is covered in recycled plastic murals. Really neat! The murals are across the street from the market and parking lot seen in the following photo.

These next few ones were taken at the hotel we stayed in during our trip when I realized I needed to finish my roll before going through security at the airport. The construction seen in the third photo will be private living quarters for the couple that owns the hotel.

Here are six of our sixteen teammates standing with the hotel owner, Raul. From left to right: Doug, Louise, Chuck, Lauren, Raul, Morgan, Chuck and Matthew. This was Doug’s first time out of the country!

And two photos in Tegucigalpa! One on the way to the airport (seen in the photo) and one of our arrival in the bus that transported some of the team and all of our luggage.

Mission trips will always affect you in ways you do not expect. You will learn beyond what you intend to teach, you will make unexpected friendships, and you often come away with a new perspective. I am really thankful for our church’s approach to serving in Honduras. We come alongside Pastor Flavio’s ministry and help according to his direction rather than coming through like a bulldozer. It is a gentle approach and I think it has a more positive impact than other approaches I have seen. We come with the intention of being flexible, open-minded, and patient. And we come away with many amazing lessons learned.

Thank you for following along! I hope to share by the end of the month the film photos I took on my camping trip last week.

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