Sarah Derr Photography on Instagram

Blogging has not been my fuerte lately, but I have been posting “new” content to Instagram almost every day for a couple of weeks now. Instagram is a popular photo-sharing smartphone app and it is an easy way to reach viewers all over the world. Although I am not necessarily cultivating a local fan club for my work, I am reaching a diverse, broader audience and finding all sorts of interesting artists around the world.

Many of my recent photos on Instagram have been photos that were not previously shared to Instagram and taken in 2012 and 2013. Photos range from produce a the local farmer’s market to nature photos taken on hikes to street photography taken on trips.

If you frequent Instagram, I hope you will check out my profile @theyllknowbyourlove. Charlottesville has had some warmer, milder weather and I am looking forward to spring! Winter always strikes me as kinda dull and gray (because most of Virginia’s weather is overcast, cold days and messy icy snow), but spring means greenery, flowers, and days that are warm enough for me to stay out with my cameras. So I hope to share more 2014 content in the upcoming months!

Thank you for visiting today! Here is a cheerful song for you:

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