Dusty DC

I am writing this on a warm Sunday afternoon and hoping that some of you were able to enjoy the weekend’s balmy weather! I hope I managed to store up enough Vitamin D for the rest of the wintertime. Looking outside today, I noticed that the snowdrops are blooming and the daffodils are sending up their new foliage. For the most part, it has been a cold and wet winter. The one-foot snowstorm that blew through here almost two weeks ago still has traces around parking lots and in the deepest shade. The melting snow, accented by road dirt, almost looks like someone crept out in the night and sculpted the mounds into pieces of art.

This past week, I finally went to a photo lab in town to develop a roll of Kodak black and white film. I have had better luck with this type of film at other labs. The clarity in the grain and tones are not as crisp as they usually are. But nevertheless, I do have some 35mm film photos to share with you today! I think despite some technical issues, the overall composition shines through in each image. This roll of film was taken over the course of two trips to Washington, DC – one in late fall and one in mid-winter.

I usually edit out dust, which can be more than inevitable when someone is processing your film for you, but this time, I have chosen not to edit out the dust. Dust is a unique native feature of film and with the overwhelming influx of digital photography, it is gratifying to share the character and nuances of film.

To see a Vine short video clip of this street musician, click here.

This next image is upside down – a reflection of a tree in standing water.

This next photo, I took from my lap, while I was sitting on the Metro. It seems to have come out somewhat! Every once in a while, I practice shooting from the hip to disguise the use of my camera.

The Old Post Office pavilion building has been bought out for renovation and repurposing – supposedly, it will become a hotel redesigned and operated by a member of the Trump family.

Thank you for stopping by, possibly reading my rambles and viewing my images! I hope you will come again. Currently blog posts are sporadic due to some events going on in my personal life and slower business in the wintertime – I am hoping to be a better blogger come springtime. My blog posts automatically share to social media and via email subscriptions.

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