“Try This!” Thursday

I have become a little addicted to Pinterest…. mostly, because I am trying to figure out different ways to wear some new items in my wardrobe. But today’s post is not about fashion – it is about “What Can I Do With A Tree Branch?” Yep, a branch. They fall out of trees all the time and I suspect a bunch will fall this week as the winter storm passes through.

1. Firewood.

2. Coasters. This is really simple, slice an appropriately thick branch into half inch thick slices using a saw (chop saw, circular saw or whichever type you have that might do the job). Free coasters! You can use a bit of sand paper and finish to polish them into fancier pieces.

3. Mini tree. Use a bare sturdy small branch as a way to hang necklaces, ornaments, or tea lights in jars. Make sure to anchor it well in a pot.

4. Place card holders. Slice a branch and then score a flat side to hold up a place card.

5. Candle holder. Cut short sections at varying lengths, making sure it will sit level on a table. Use a drill with a paddle bit to create a shallow hole into a cut end – making sure it is a size that will fit a tea light.

6. Coat holder. This idea will depend on the branch – but cut off-shooting limbs down to about two inches, trim down the branch to a useable size, sand, mount on the wall.

I just recently found out that my dad has a circular saw, so I might try my hand at reclaimed wood projects…. Don’t worry, I have lots of practice with power tools. My favorite saw is the tabletop chop saw. Mostly, because it is mounted onto something…. and makes quick work of lumber.

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