Spring Inventory – What do you want to read?

Springs starts TODAY according to the calendar. Hoorah! And as the weather warms and changes, I will be able to get out more with my cameras. I am also hoping to share more about my gardening and cooking adventures. I have been an avid gardener for several years, have kept my own beds as well as a friend’s. So if you have any mid-Atlantic gardening questions, make sure to ask and I will blog your question and my answer along with resources that can help. When the summer market opens up downtown, I like to pick up fresh cooking ingredients and start cooking seasonal meals. Mmm!

Today I am asking for feedback! What do you want to read this spring? What questions do you have about your cameras, your garden, and your cooking?


In other news, we have had a snowy, wet winter! It has been interesting having to drive in the snowstorms to get to my day job. To appease my wintertime melancholy, I bought my first plants of the year at Whole Foods. They have been selling veggie and herb starter plants for $2.99 a piece. I picked up rosemary, cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce. I have already learned that the lettuce is the quickest to wilt between waterings, which is a given really. The rosemary, I suspect, will become a perennial in the garden. It is easy to grow and clip.

Some of my already planted perennials include coralbells, daylilies, a rosebush, and phlox. The phlox has been blighted for a few years and it may not survive well through another summer. The daylilies are the newest addition and were bought at a master gardener’s plant sale last year. They are coming back now with fresh green shoots and I am hoping they will bloom for the first time this year. My dahlia plant from last year has been limping along through the winter in my basement and I hope to transplant it after the last frost date. I am not so great at keeping plants indoors due to a lack of usable space and natural light.

Thank you for stopping by today! If you are experimenting with plants, your camera, and in your kitchen this spring, I hope we can share ideas and questions! Ask away and I will share how-to and answers here on my blog.


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  1. I do not do/follow blogs anymore but this is a great idea, Sarah! I can certainly use some advice for my garden. I love flowers but I still have a lot to learn! My tiny garden is a learning process and experience. When we bought our house it had only ugly overgrown bushes and I had no idea if gardening because I grow up in a big city, but slowly I have been changing it over the years, even though it is so so small. I have one question: I have a (sorry, but the name went into a blank right now that it’s so late and I am tired; which i will provably remember later, ha, ha… well it’s has blue or pink flowers, I am not sure because it only bloomed from the store…) that my husband got me at Whole Foods years ago for mother’s day but it has never bloomed… It is in the back of the house but I have moved his location several times. There it has the morning sun till 2 to 4 in the afternoon, but maybe it needs another type of soil? What do you think?

  2. Do I need to start fertilizing soon? Or when? What fertilizer do you recommend? Last summer I got so grossed out when I saw that the organic fertilizer from Lowe’s was made from bones and blood of chickens… but I am not sure if those poor chickens were organic or sick

  3. I also saw recently that Whole Foods already has vegetables, but it is too soon to plant then now? Or what should we do to avoid the danger or frost? Last year I had lettuces, that I had planted the seeds myself, but the got infested by tiny bugs… too many too even try a home remedy or vinegar… I am also asking you because this year I have tomato plants in the window of the office in our home

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