Face-to-Face with West Main

So I just about forgot about these images sitting on my camera’s memory card…. I went out for a walk one day and snapped a few photos haphazardly hoping to have a couple to add to my Shapes and Spaces of Charlottesville project. This first image is pretty, yes? Well, these leaves were blown up against a sidewalk outside of Main Street Market, being driven over by vehicles in the parking lot. I thought, hey the water on these leaves is pretty neat.

I never really cease to be amazed at how little things, in seemingly ordinary places, can become so interesting when I take a moment to notice.

I knew that about the shop fronts on the street and parking lot sides of the building, but found out that there is a marketplace inside as well. Feast! is a food & grocery inside the market and I had a panini there for lunch. Mmmm.

In other news, I received an email this week from a media specialist at UVA asking for permission to use a photo of mine on the UVA Connect website (an internal website for employees). I am pleased to have my work shared within the university community!

That is all for today. Thank you for stopping by!


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