Holidays & Twenty Fourteen Goals

For various reasons, I have not been great at advertising this fall (September and October were killer months for me!). But I do want to extend the invitation for portrait sessions to couples and families this holiday season – at 15% off my usual session price. I would love to book cold weather sessions. Think how fun that could be with hats and scarves and wintery lovely things?

holiday portraits flyer

Is it too early to share what I am working towards in my business for the near year? Nahhhh. I have been compiling a 2014 to do list in my photography business journal and I think having this list is already helping me be more productive.

  • Branded materials – provide improved and consistent product designs and materials.
  • Publish my “Shapes and Spaces of Charlottesville” project into a sellable photography book.
  • Be a better blogger – more regular and better content.
  • Client thank you gifts – send them ON TIME and not at the end of the year.
  • Redesign my portrait packages – no more all inclusive high res image CDs.
  • Book sessions – have more consistent income for my business. Focusing on couples, seniors, and families. Goal: at least twice as many as 2013!
  • Purchase back up equipment – somehow what I have now has been perfectly sufficient, but as it ages, I need to prepare!
  • Submit work to contests, exhibitions, and other networking venues.
  • Compile a print portfolio book so I can show physical copies of my work to others.
  • Advertise with purpose – hand out those business cards, talk, encourage word-of-mouth, use social media.
  • Schedule regular critique meetings with fellow local artists/creative friends so we can learn from each other. (Something that I have done previously and would like to be more consistent about.)
  • Learn, improve, grow, excel!

It would be great to achieve even half of these goals and it would be AWESOME to exceed them! I have asked for a week off in January from my day job so I can focus on getting a head start on some of these goals.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

Above: Instagram photos from my West Main walk.

Thank you for stopping by today and a special thank you to my friends who have cheered me on this year!

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