Traveling With Instagram: This Year in Photos (Part III)

It has been several months since I have done one of these posts, so to save on length, I will only share some of the images I have taken since July. I would normally try to post a “Try This!” post on Thursdays, but I remembered that I have not shared a “Traveling” post lately. (Images in this post are not shown chronologically.) So I hope you will sit back and enjoy some colorful things:

Building interior at the botanical gardens in Richmond

Carter Mountain Orchard barn


UVA Medical Center

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Charlottesville Court House and the Mossy Creek church near Bridgewater

I have not traveled as much as I had hoped to do so this fall, but I have managed to visit a couple of cities in Virginia. These images are from my everyday life and I always hope that something as simple as Instagram can positively influence the way my peers see the world. I find both the manmade and natural worlds to be infinitely fascinating  in design. We can choose to see beauty wherever we are – whether we are looking closely at a leaf or at the tall facade of a hospital. The perspective that we choose, both emotionally and physically, can have a dramatic impact on how we experience life.

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