Washington, DC 35mm film

These are photos I took back in January with my Canon AE-1 Program film SLR when I went up to Washington, DC to visit a couple of friends. Katie and I ventured around the National Gallery a bit and enjoyed the Lichtenstein exhibit. After I went through the developing process for my latest two film rolls, I found out that I managed to squeeze out 38 and 37 exposures on the two 36 exposure rolls. Here is an image that just barely made it onto the roll:

And what is a trip to DC with film if you don’t take at least one image of the metro system?

I like the action of the little girl prancing down the walkway and also the silhouetted figure on the right in the following image.

If you go around the touristy part of DC, you cannot miss noticing the iconic food trucks. A Polish sausage, anyone?

I am a bit picky about what I photograph when using film so it takes me a couple of months to finish two rolls and to get them developed. I want every shot to count and to be shareable. Now if only my developing chemicals could hold out for a few more months…. Anyway, I love black and white film photography. It just has a certain look and feel that cannot be truly achieved with digital. Magnum has a huge expensive book of famous photographers’ contact sheets and if I had the extra money, I would buy that book and pour over it for hours and hours.

Street photography and photojournalism are my favorite niches within photography. They often capture fleeting insightful moments. Some of the most influential photographs in history have come out of these two niches. My most basic goal as a photographer is to influence the way you see the world and another is to tell the story. In this moment, what is important? What might be overlooked? How does the subject feel and how might the viewer feel? These are the sorts of questions I seek to answer.

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