*Sneak Peek!* Washington, DC 35mm film

As I mentioned in my last post, this past week I developed two rolls of 35mm film that I had been neglecting. Here is a sneak peak into images I took while in DC back in, I think, January. The Lichtenstein exhibit at the National Gallery was fantastic! I went to the Albrecht Durer exhibit this month at the National Gallery and it was also really amazing. Lichtenstein was an American 20th century pop artist who often worked on large scale colorful paintings that used cartoon-like lines and newspaper-like color dots. Albrecht Durer was a German artist from the late 15th and early 16th centuries. He created finely detailed drawings, woodcuts, engravings, and paintings. His handwork definitely makes me feel like an underachiever!

To see older film photos from DC, click here on “DC in Black and White: Part I” and “DC in Black & White: Part II.” I will be posting more January DC film photos on Wednesday, so I hope you will come by again then. Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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