*Sneak Peek!* Christine’s Portraits & the AT at Lynchburg

This past Tuesday, I purchased a new lens for my Mark II – a lightly used Canon 24-105mm from Katelyn James Photography. Although I may prefer to shoot with Primes, I cannot currently afford to buy Primes at either end of the focal range, so this is a good start to having some variety in my images. I tried the lens out the very next day during a free portrait session with my friend, Christine. She is a high school senior and I believe she is going off to James Madison University in August! (She’ll be a JMU Duke like me!) Here is a sneak preview of our time together:

I have also recently developed film (in a very glamorous location, the back bathroom) and here is a preview into an upcoming post featuring images from my trip to portion of the Appalachian Trail near Lynchburg, Virginia back in the wintertime:

I am hoping to have these two collections posted on my blog next week, Wednesday and Saturday, if not earlier. Other upcoming collections included engagement portraits and other miscellaneous images from the two rolls of film.

By the by, if you so happen to be in need of darkroom 8×10 paper, I have an unopened box of 25 sheets of Ilford fiber(?) paper that I will sell to you. I will need to dig out the box from where it is stored to figure out for sure if it is RC or fiber paper and the finish. I would really love to give the paper a good home since I do not have a way to put it to good use currently. Please email me at sarahderrphoto@gmail.com if you would like to purchase the paper!

Thank you for reading today and I hope you’ll come around again to see more!

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