*Sneak Peek!* Field Trip!

Yesterday, I joined the Charlottesville High School photography program and the Charlottesville Photography Initiative (CPI) downtown for a field trip downtown. Members from CPI led the high school groups through the mall, helping them with their shot checklists, and to the CPI headquarters on West Main Street where Christian DeBaun led a presentation on studio lighting. I led a group of seven with Nick Silvester. Here is a peek into our trip:

In these two images, the student are learning about perspective/point-of-view and modifiers. The modifier we used was a transparent disc that diffuses light onto the subject. You may notice that the difference in the highlights on these two girls – the first being without a modifier and the second with.

For those of you that I have met, I have some exciting news (granted that I am brave enough). I am going to a hair appointment later today and getting an even shorter haircut! I found an image of Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut where it is cut really nicely and maybe if I am lucky, my hairdresser can achieve a similar look. I have been enjoying short haircuts for almost two years now.

I hope you will be able to come back tomorrow for a blog post featuring even more images from our morning!

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