The Shapes and Spaces of Downtown

Today, Preston P. Jackson joined me for a photowalk of the downtown area. This is a sequel to my previous post about Belmont. My intention was to see downtown Charlottesville from a different perspective. It is easy to overlook the alleyways and crumbling architecture when you have a specific destination in mind. Often I really just see the fancy stores and restaurants, not that I visit them, but they have such a presence that sometimes they are more visible than the age of buildings. I occasionally go downtown for dinner or a concert, but I often have tunnel vision and do not look closely at what I am walking by – or maybe I am just taking the area for granted.

So I hope that maybe my photowalk has shed some light on overlooked shapes and spaces (to see more, click here):

This photo was taken through the gap of a construction fence:

Ran into a buddy from high school. He is working for the city police force now. Here is my failed candid portrait of him:

Apparently, it is popular to take photos of the faded Coca-Cola sign…


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