Field Trip with CHS and the Charlottesville Photography Initiative

I met up with the Charlottesville High School’s photography program Thursday morning after my dentist appointment. As a member of the Charlottesville Photography Initiative, I volunteered to help lead one of the groups as they learned about their DSLRs and photography. We walked the downtown mall, took photos, ate at Five Guys, and met several interesting individuals. Here is the group I led with Nick Silvester (he is not shown):

The CPI headquarters are just off of West Main Street by the old church building that has been renovated into a music studio space. When I arrived, Christian DeBaun was leading a group in how to approach and utilize studio lighting. He discussed camera settings, types of lighting (ambient, instantaneous, continuous), and lighting equipment (strobes, wireless remotes, etc).

And suddenly, I came upon a random pair of abandoned shoes…

I have been enjoying street photography lately. It was good to get out this morning, to meet with fellow photographers, and mentor some of the participating students as well. The kids were outgoing and this helped me capture a few shots I would not have otherwise achieved. Oh, and did I mention the weather? Clear blue sky, but very gusty wind and it was so cold! I was definitely thankful for the nice warm circle scarf I got for my birthday on Tuesday. Definitely helped!

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