Yesterday, I spent the day and night north of Harrisonburg at a friend’s house. It was so nostalgic to visit Harrisonburg and James Madison University. Yes, I moved away from there early this summer after living on my own a year after graduation, but it felt like forever since I had been there! My friend and I were reflecting on all the changes that have happened to the area in the last five years. Here just a few of the ones that came to mind:

– When we started college, there was no Warsaw parking garage, Forbes center, Bioscience building, East Campus Library (now called Rose Library), Starbucks in Carrier Library, fountain outside of Burruss Hall, Ehall, Potomac Hall, renovated Stadium, North 38, James Madison statues outside of Ehall and ISAT, etc. Now all of these places exist!

– Since five years ago, the city hospital has moved out to the county. The old student health center is gone. The old factory building off of Grace Street is gone. Houses off of South Main Street have been torn out. Part of the old hospital complex has been torn out. Traffic patterns have changed. Duke Hall is being gutted and renovated into a brand new art building. Hoffman Hall has been renovated. Parking behind Harrison Hall has been torn out.

Wow, JMU has been so busy in just a few years! I wish I had before and after photos of every single area of campus.

Hopefully, sometime this week I will have new photos to post here to the blog! Thank you for reading.

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