I think this weather is making my lazy.

Because all I want to do is be outside and lay around in the grass or maybe in my hammock. This is the best week of weather we have had in months and I am loving every moment. It is cool almost all day and sunny – just plain gorgeous!

Here is a post finally with at least a preview of Monday morning’s photographs.

Monday morning started out cold, but fresh, crisp and clear. I was shivering in 3 shirts at 8am. I had a great time out visiting Gail again on her farm and working with her and her client for a couple of hours. [Gail is not shown in these photos.] Here are just a few of the photos from our time together:

From Above



Set To Rest

Horse, Black and White

I do not often work in digital black and white, because I prefer that my black and white photos to be taken with film. But I did enjoy a change of pace. I have two or three rolls of film, actually, that I need to develop. I keep putting off buying the chemicals though, so I am not sure when they will get done. It would be convenient if the photo store could develop them, but they are not based in color processing so I need to develop them myself with different chemicals. I love developing and working in film. I have not done it at home before, so that will be an adventure!

In other news, I did a random sketch on my friend’s iPad, then posted it online to my private Facebook profile and a friend has expressed interest in buying a print of the image! It is just something I made up for fun when I was bored. Here it is!
Imaginary Street

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