Que sera, sera!

I thought I might include a brief post to keep things going on my blog. At the moment, I do not have all that much to post about while I wait for model releases to be signed.

Here are my recent Instagram photos [taken with my LG phone]!

Workplace (Mobile Photo)Me (Self Portrait)

Lazy (Mobile Photo)Camera Lover (Mobile Photo)

I have established a short-term self assignment. I am going to be shooting some rolls of Kodak Tri-X, portraits of my friends, in order to justify buying developing chemicals. Seems like a fun thing to do! And it will give me even more portrait experience.

So in the past week, I have had a lot of stress…. lots of things going this way and that. Either not working out or working out differently than expected. Probably the most prominent are my impending medical bills. Since I am under a relatively new insurance policy with a pre-existing condition limitation they are currently denying my claims. Oh joy. But luckily, I believe I can meet the bills without too much damage done to my savings.

Over the last few days, I have had a misunderstanding with a potential client. And right now I a bit heartbroken that, at this moment, I will not be working with her. (I was really looking forward to meeting her!) Today I met with another client and ironed out some parts of our ongoing work agreement. She wants to hire me for more work and I am really thankful for this working relationship. She is willing to promote me in her own business place(s), which is a grand idea! It has been fun working with her for the most part and I am looking forward to our future work together. It is also reassuring to know that I have some potential income that I can apply towards not only my business but also paying off the medical bills. Not to mention, the more experience and portfolio pieces that I am gaining this fall.

That is all for now!

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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