FUS Class of 2012 Graduation

Here a few of the best photos from this past Saturday. My brain did not quite connect the calendar date with my friend’s request of photographing graduation (my brain has been rather overloaded lately) so I ended up borrowing a camera to shoot these. Looking back, I wish I had taken more time to choose white balance and aperture.

Kirstin, Victoria, and Maria, FUS Graduation

Roommates and their sisters, FUS Graduation

Anna and Victoria, FUS Graduation

Liz and Maria, FUS Graduation

Villar Family, FUS Graduation

Victoria, Maria, and Michelle, FUS Graduation

Maria, FUS Graduation

Brian and Maria, FUS Graduation

Victor and Victoria, FUS Graduation

Michelle with the Villar girls, FUS Graduation

Villar girls, FUS Graduation

Villar girls, FUS Graduation

I love this last photo. 🙂

My friend, who graduated, got an iPad for her upcoming business as a present and she has this app called “Paper” (supposedly for her storyboard drawings). I got to play with it some and here is what I have drawn:

On the road again! (Paper, iPad app)

Keep going! (Paper, iPad app)

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