Let me introduce you…

… to the place I have worked for four years now during warm weather. I am one of a few hired hands that help keep a lady’s gardens around her home. She lives nestled in the rolling hills of northern Albemarle County.

We have had a few wonderfully cool mornings this week. The steady rain we had for a while has made it easier to weed. I wish Virginia had a wetter climate, because come mid-summer, the ground will become tough and unforgiving. Today’s work was mostly rediscovering the north edge of the vegetable garden. It took me two hours to weed and edge just one side! Grass is such a nuisance. And so are deer ticks! I have found two on my arm, crawling around, this week. I fear that the mild winter has made for a terrible population of ticks this summer – and in that case, an increased risk of lyme disease.

Even though I have already graduated college, my brain keeps going “I could do this and this and this!” Another degree might be in my future. Virginia Tech has a couple of degrees that interest me that are related to the outdoors/nature/horticulture. There is also a Master Gardener program in my area. I have always had a bit of a green thumb and an affinity for the outdoors – probably inherited from and instilled by my mom’s side of the family.

Okay enough talk, here are the photos!

Underneath the Crepe Myrtle



Mahonia Holly

Japanese Maple


Growing Up

Japanese Maple

The photos below were a bit more edited and had their colors manipulated. They actually work really well as desktop wallpapers:

Katama's Resting Place

Lily of the Valley


Missouri Primrose

Now for a bit of humor. I would like to think of my work attire as Farm Chic:

I'd like to think of this as Farm Chic

Okay the shirt is not very chic, but hey it is an old shirt that works for getting dirty. It was given to me in high school when I was a volunteer at Martha Jefferson Hospital. It actually has poppy flower stains on it from the first summer working on the farm.

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