Is it really May 14th already?

It has been about a month since my last post – oops. I have been rather busy with moving from town-to-town, travel, work, and so many other things!

One of the hot topics in the news recently has been the release of Instagram to the Android market. I cannot help but have some fun with Instagram on my Android phone now. Here are my experiements:

Lazy, rainy afternoon at Grandpa's (Mobile Photo)

Tree By The River Dam (Mobile Photo)

These first two photos are were taken with my smartphone. They were taken while I was visiting with my grandpa. The next four photos are photographs that I had already taken with a DSLR & SLR and then took into the Instagram program.



Centro de Fotographia


The three images below are also smartphone photos that I took this past weekend while visiting Ohio for my friend’s graduation.

FUS Class of 2012 Graduation (Mobile Photo)

Mar & Brian (Mobile Photo)

Ivy (Mobile Photo)

I used a Canon DSLR (borrowed) to photograph Maria’s/Liz’s/Kirstin’s graduation from Franciscan University of Steubenville. The best photos will be featured in an upcoming post. I have reviewed them on an iPad, but am waiting on the opportunity to upload them to my computer for processing. It was a challenge to shoot with someone else’s camera in a rushed time frame (I basically shot in Auto most of the time… cringe!) – so I am a bit unsure how much I will like the results. Although I do think I came away with some good images.

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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