And the results are in…

…from two photo shoots I did over the weekend. Although I always post on Facebook and Flickr, my blog is where I answer the questions: Who are the people? Where were we?

The who: Pam and her dog Ottis. I work with Pam currently here in Harrisonburg until my job ends the first week of May and I move back to Charlottesville. She is part of the night shift team. We work together with our other co-workers to provide hungry, tired university students food and coffee. (Perks of working full-time at this job are: meals, free coffee, and friendly customers! Downside: Lots of work for not much pay.)

The where: We met downtown in a little park down the street from the police department to take photos of her with her “grandson” Ottis.

Pam & Ottis (On The Bridge)


Pam & Ottis (By The Mural)


Ohhhh Ottis. Here he was shaking his head.


The who: My friend, Jessica, who has always been a willing model! We met in college, had at least one class together, and we were also part of the same InterVarsity small group. Since we are both still living in the same area, I enlisted her help yesterday to add more [and better] portraits to my portfolio.

Here is my shameless promotion of her artistic abilities: Jessica Drew Design.

The where: A new community that is under development. The homes seen in these photos are townhouses… but they are practically mini-mansions. Their design/characteristics are very unusual for this area. They remind me of a cross between New England architecture and southern plantation homes. They really are gorgeous and a surprise for the area.

Jessica (On The Stairs)

Jessica (Seated)










And surprise! A photo of me without my glasses! This is a rare occurrence:


I do not have more portrait sessions lined up for the near future (hey wide open, free schedule, if you are interested!). I have totally forgotten to post flyers around the university to see if anyone needs graduation portraits… oops. I have some portrait sessions this summer, but until then, I am not sure all what I will be posting about.

Hopefully, as my portfolio [somewhat slowly] expands, I can draw in more clients and everything will begin to take off. My move to Charlottesville should be good. The job market there is significantly better [and more competitive] than where I am living now. People ask me if I have work lined up for my move back to Charlottesville. Technically, yes. But officially, no. I will pick up my old summertime job for what it is worth, freelance through my friend’s business, and look for a more steady day job. So yes, I will be busy, but at least two jobs will be irregular.

My tummy is a-rumblin’ since it is lunch time. I am going to wander off and peruse the fridge. Thanks for reading!


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