So not much is happening with photography for me right now… I am working part-time as a gardener and job searching the rest of the time. And so far that job searching has been food service, bookstore, retail, etc jobs. I need to get my bills paid before I start looking far and wide for professional photographer jobs. I am signed into a lease and can’t move away for at least a few more months. So right now, my plan of action is get whatever job I can, pay my bills, and then start searching in Charlottesville and maybe Richmond for professional jobs (maybe further?). Harrisonburg is just not the place to be for my career path.

I am not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post, but JMU’s Madison magazine published a photo of mine in their fall issue. It is pretty exciting! The editor and director both wrote me really lovely letters regarding my work. See below for the image:

In October, I will have work in two different venues. I will have a photo in the Kappa Pi art show at Clementine Cafe and I will have a body of work in the ACV’s Smith House. Both locations are in Harrisonburg and the install dates are in the beginning of October. I am not quite sure how long each will be up. But they should both be up by the second week, so I say go ahead and check them out if you get a chance.

Also in the very beginning of October, I am hoping to help a local artist, Peter Krebs, of Charlottesville with a photo project. My understanding is that we’ll be taking photos of people out on the streets and printing photos on the spot for them. We’ll see how that goes.

Hmm… well here’s an Instagram photo for you:

Oh and I am hoping to have a fashion-related photoshoot with one of my girl friends sometime soon, if the weather will cooperate and such. I have been feeling a real lack of camera usage lately and I also need to broaden the portrait aspect of my portfolio. I really do not shoot enough portraits, and that, ultimately, is what sells. I am looking forward to meeting with her and trying out ideas.

Even if I can’t make much money right now from my photography, I am still constantly trying to build my resume and portfolio. I am really looking forward to October, because I get to do just that and not to mention, it may possibly be my favorite month of the year. I love fall… the leaves, the food, the weather… [sigh]

Okay, more updates to come as life goes by. Time to run out and get food because my housemate is using her college meal plan to buy me food. Ciao!

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