This is sorta like a double exposure. I shot through a window and it reflected the trees behind me. This is part of an abandoned hotel project in the middle of downtown Charlottesville.

I thought the roots of this tree were interesting, how they are exposed and all.

Rough, smooth, cool colors, warm colors.

Ray of light beneath a railroad bridge off of Water Street.

I love McGuffey. I grew up going to programs here and visiting artists I know that have had studios there. It has creaky wooden floors, soaring ceilings, and lots of natural light. I had work hanging up in the upstairs hallway earlier this year for the C2D art show.

I know most trees, but this one has me puzzled. It’s the only one I know of that grows like this. You can find it in the main park downtown by the library.

Charlottesville has a lot of old signs fading away with age. New businesses take over old buildings and leave the original signs up – probably because of some historical preservation law or something. I am glad they do.

That used to be The Hardware Store, but now it is Urban Outfitters. The Hardware Store used to have a medley of shops and food inside. I always went there as a kid to get chocolates and books. There was a jewelry store, a bookstore downstairs, a restaurant, an art gallery, a boutique, a candy store, etc inside. I miss how it used to be. Stupid Urban Outfitters and the down economy.

All of this is color 35mm film.



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