biting the bullet

So hopefully, I will be able to maintain time for my passion (photography, obviously) even though I am working full-time as a barista/sandwich maker. Want coffee and a sandwich? Visit me at my job and I’ll make you one. 🙂 I officially work about 30 hours at one job and I’ll soon hear if I get a second job for 7-10 hours a week. The second employer knows I want weekends off for sanity’s sake (although I am willing to work the occasional weekend if I have to), and the marketing job he mentioned for me allows for weekends off (thank you, Lord). So yay for a bit of sanity and free time on the weekends.

This weekend, I will possibly have two photoshoots to build my portfolio. I have a couple of friends who I enlisted to model for me. Hopefully, there will be photos to share soon. In other news, I put an ad in the local university’s paper and it published for the first time today. I already have a student inquiring about portraits. The idea is to get a few clients, build the portfolio, make some additional moolah on the side that I can save for new equipment, and be able to regularly use my beloved cameras.

Per week, this all adds up to 30 hours at one job, 7-10 hours at another (if I get/take the job), 2-3 hours of volunteering (oh yeah, I volunteer at the library now), and freelancing on the side. In short, I will be working ridiculously hard this fall so I can pay my bills, build my portfolio, and save toward moving to a new place. Biting the bullet now so I can achieve my dreams later. Let’s just hope I don’t get too overwhelmed before the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

Oh hey, here’s a photo:

I am having a hard time proofreading this, because I am so ready to just curl up under the covers and go to sleep for the night… so any weird English will just have to do.

Oh wait, post script:

Saw this as part of a Target ad in a Vantiy Fair magazine. First of all, yes, I will be the photographer!! Second, I could have taken a better photo than this one. (Not trying to be arrogant – it’s the truth.) Why did the photographer have such weird timing?? It looks like he caught the girl while she was talking. Weird. I don’t think it’s a very flattering photo.

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