Ok so it’s been a while…

Oh yeah I have a blog…. I’ve been really busy this semester and I just keep getting busier.

So in the past month or so I have:

– photographed interesting sculptural gravestones with a large format camera (to be printed as cyanotypes and compiled into a handmade book… may end up being commentary on the death of photography)

– finished photographing shoe soles for one of my final projects

– photographed a family (parents and a one year old) at UVA

These have all gone well for the most part. I am still in the process of photographing the gravestones, because the weather is being very uncooperative. It keeps raining on the weekends and then it’s sunny when I am occupied with other things. There are only two more weekends for me to complete all of my final projects for my classes.


In the past month, I have also been accepted for an internship in Costa Rica through Students International. I will be there May 11-August 1st. 🙂

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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