I haven’t been a very good blogger this past month.

Been super busy.

Last night I completed too projects. Unfortunately, I don’t have good pictures to show of them at the moment since I had to turn them in today. The first one is of the 19th century sculptural graves (taken at a cemetery by downtown Harrisonburg). It is a book where the pages are done in an accordion style and can be removed for wall or full display. The last 3-4 images fade away. The only words in the book are “fading away.” This book is open to interpretation. Is it about fading memories? Fading of sculptural graves? Fading of analogue photographic technology? Perhaps it is all three. My second book is another handmade one. It is bound using a shoelace, because it is about the patterns on the bottom of shoes. It has no text in it, because I didn’t know if I include any without it being cheesy.

I bought a new point-and-shoot camera this past Monday. I’ve been on the look out for an affordable one that had li-ion battery pack for the past three years or so. I finally found one! I am pretty happy to finally have a camera on hand all the time now. Here are a couple of the photos I took with the “miniature” feature:

I am going to my grandpa’s cabin soon. It’ll be the first time since I have bought my new DSLR camera lens and this point-and-shoot that I have been able to go. I hope to get some new photos that are different than what I have gotten in the past. It’ll be awesome. I can’t wait to retreat from this crazy life for a few days. It will be heaven; it always is.

I leave for Costa Rica in 13 days! Oh my goodness. I can’t hardly believe that my 3-month stay in Costa Rica starts soooo soon! It’ll be incredible – a challenge, a blessing, a great adventure. Right now I am sitting downstairs in the living room/kitchen of my apartment hoping someone will show up for my fundraising pancake dinner. The problem with facebook events and saying people can show up anytime within in a 3-hour time period is that you don’t really know if anyone will show up. I really hope someone does. I definitely have a ways to go with fundraising. I am supposed to have half of it in by the middle part of next week and I am short on even that. I just have to keep trusting in God that He will make things work out. He has made such a wonderful opportunity available to me, surely He will take care of the details as well?

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