Film & Dominican Republic

These first three photos are from color film. The first is of a bush behind my house. I really liked the textures and the colors. The second is of JMU’s Quad and Wilson Hall. And the third is from a photo project where I am photographing people’s shoe soles.

The remaining photos below are from my spring break trip to the Dominican Republic where I worked in Jarabacoa with Students International.

This is Fran. He is very passionate about Christ and art. He will ask you really deep questions about life and your faith. He is crazy and such a joy to be around.

The two photos above are of two school boys who would come and play with us during our siesta. We painted a mural at their church.

Here Fran is instructing a young boy at the art school. My painting is in the foreground.

I am considering applying for SI staff in Jarabacoa. I am really passionate about the art ministry there and I think I my skills/experiences would be helpful to them.

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