The Way We Are

So I have done a bit more towards my personality photo project. My concept is starting to get more concrete, which is exciting. I am going to have each of the subjects write me a blurb to go with their photos. I think it’ll add another layer to the psychology behind the project. The concept is how we define ourselves, who we are… it should be interesting. I am having a lot of fun organizing and implementing these photoshoots. They challenge me and the challenge the subject to think about who they are.

Kristin is a book lover. She’s all about Jane Austen and related literature, so we did a shoot of her out in the countryside in a Leopold chair reading a book. The heels show her fun, outgoing side and it also alludes to old fashion shoes.

This was last Saturday in the evening time. It was a beautiful day for it – clear blue sky and fall colors. Yesterday I did a shoot with Sean in e-hall and the ECL. We tried to convey his appetite when we were in the dining hall and then his academic side. I think his personality also successfully comes through in the images.

Can you believe he drank and ate that much? You can’t even see all the plates he used. It’s a bit ironic that JMU went tray free in their buffet dining halls to save on water and yet they give you a bazillion plates. What a waste!

The image above is my favorite from the shoot with Sean. I have to say it is pretty awesome. He threw his papers into the air and had this stance as the papers fell. It’s getting good feedback. Actually all of my personality photos are getting really good feedback.


I have also been doing large format work. I have done two prints that have four negatives each printing on the paper. I like the language it creates. It reminds me of a storyboard. Here are the two images:

I am enjoying large format class. I love darkroom work. It’s really meditative for me and it’s also kinda magical. I like black and white photography a lot, maybe more than color. Several people have told me they hate working in the darkroom. If it comes easily to you, you probably enjoy it. A lot of people struggle with developing things right and with other technical issues. None of that phases me it seems.

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