recent photo adventures

I did a shoot with Hannah. I haven’t gotten around to really editing them though…. I will have to eventually for my advanced color photo class. On her face above, you can see that the light color is different on each side of her face. The warmer tone on the left is from a lamp and the cooler tone on the right is natural light coming in through my window. The backdrop is a painting she painted and I traded some of my work for.

I thought the composition of this photo from the football game against Delaware was interesting. The sliver of tiny people gives a frame of reference to the size of the fireworks. I love the blue of the sky compared to the colors of the people and the white of the smoke.

This is probably my favorite out of all the photos I took at the football game. If I edit this photo in photoshop, I am going to take that light pole out. I am a traditionalist/purest when it comes to photography, but I can’t stand that pole. It’s the kind of juxtaposition that makes a photographer cringe… lines that bisect into the subject weird.

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