Operation Personality

So my advanced color photography class is fairly self-directed – we choose what we want to shoot. The idea I have developed has so far been a lot of fun and I look forward to working on it throughout this semester. I am basing it off of Sam Jones’ style of photography. Christa is the person I shot photos of for the first shoot. We’ve known each other since the very beginning of college. She’s a drama major and was completely into acting extra nerdy for the shoot. The idea behind this project is the exaggerate a personality trait or interest. Christa is very book smart – quite the nerd, which is great because she is the exact opposite of the stereotype. She is a short, strong, loud black woman as opposed to a tall, skinny, white guy. Love it! Below are a few of the photos from the shoot. I hope you enjoy them.

This upcoming weekend, I hope to take another friend out and continue the idea. Photos from my first shoot were well received in class, which is quite the relief. Sometimes it can be hard to please. It’s great that it’s an idea I am interested in and look forward to working on. I really need that right now, because I am not motivated for my other classes all that much.

Oh! I should also mention that I placed, “Honorable Mention,” in JMU’s International Week Photo Contest. This means I’ll have my winning photograph in print and displayed in the Prism Gallery (up in Festival) for the duration of next week. I am so stoked! I submitted one of my favorite photos from my Dominican Republic trip and I am glad that it was liked by someone else. Here it is:

Quote of the day:

‎”I’m an artist. Artists are simple creatures. Give us something to draw with and and some food, and we’re content. Or to paint or sculpt, whatever. That’s all we need really.” – Erwin Wurm

My closest friends know this is pretty much true for me…. give me a camera, a sketchbook and pen, and food…. I’m good. My appetite is ridiculous because of my quick metabolism and I am submerged in the art world. Appeal these and we’ll be good friends. 😀

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