Guatemala Film 2016

Life and a bit of procrastination got in the way of sharing these earlier. Having another trip after Guatemala caused me to put off developing my film, which only snowballed with other obstacles to a very late delivery. 

Above is Esau and Ben sharing in the joy of baptism with one of the men from the nearby community. I had joined my church for one of the initial trips down to Cuilapa, Guatemala to partner with a ministry there. The work continues through those who live there and those who have been able to return.

One aspect of the ministry there is empowering part of the community to attain income through work and producing goods for sale. Head over to The Thrive Collective for more information – you just might see something that catches your eye!

In this next image, you can see some of the paper beads hanging up to dry.

I have been to three Central American countries and I love both the similarities and differences between them. I may never tire of open air markets, vast fields of crops, or each country’s unique approach to transportation.


One thing that struck me was when we got to the center of Cuilapa, by the large indoor market, was the slum homes around a court square. Their condition contrast so strongly with the concrete buildings that rise behind them. (Not pictured.)

Of course, you cannot remember a trip without remembering the people. Whether they were doing back-breaking work, eating their porridge, finding amusement in the simplest things, or walking barefoot in their yard, I remember them.



While in country, we also visited Antigua. The drive there and back to Cuilapa had some stunning views. The European influence and the history is evident in Antigua’s architecture. Its nooks, cafes and shops enticed my artistic side.



Near the end of our stay in country, we gathered together and rode crowded vehicles to a hot springs park. There were different pools – some fed by the hot spring and others were cold. Those of the community wishing to show their faith were baptized in the pool.

Below are three ministry leaders, Mitch, Amanda, and Karen, that I met while in Guatemala. Some of the others are not shown here. They all continue to try to meet so many needs as part of their work – whether it is building a chicken coup, finding methods of income, or addressing health needs – they work tirelessly to love and care for the communities in and outside of Cuilapa. Amanda, in the middle, is one of the leaders for The Thrive Collective.

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