Pink, Peregrination & Politics

Is it too obvious that I was going for alliteration in the title? In the process, I learned a new word: Peregrination. This year has been both a physical and emotional journey. And it has also been a year that I have not really blogged or journaled about despite its importance.

Over the course of the year, I have been hiking, camping, traveled out to Charleston SC, Washington DC, and the Outer Banks as well as been a resident of a city that fell victim to domestic terrorism. I do not think I could adequately cover such a year in this post.

In order to make this post perhaps more readable, I am going to group my Instagram photos by category rather than showing them strictly chronologically. The first group will be some of my nature photos from the year:

I have had several enjoyable short trips – a weekend away in DC or camping and then 4-5 day stints in Charleston SC and the Outer Banks. This year did not have an international trip, but I hope that 2018 will have one. International travel is such a great way to learn about other cultures and develop a better understanding of the global community. I know I have personally become more compassionate to immigrants and refugees in Charlottesville through my travels.

What I remember first about Charleston SC are the wonderful window flower boxes in the windows of so many of the historic homes. They were the bountiful array that I aspire to for my gardening.

I hardly ever get to a beach, since I live inland near the mountains, so going to the Outer Banks was a treat. Unfortunately, I only was able to go swimming in the ocean once since they raised the red flag half way through the short trip due to Hurricane Irma stirring up the tides. When you face the ocean and cannot see an indication of humanity, it is such an incredible feeling. The constant power of the waves, the vastness… I kept thinking of “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10) as I walked the beach.

And onto the politics of the year…. the Unite the Right rally that assembled in Charlottesville over the weekend of August 12th spurred violence across my city. And in the wake of those incidents has been even more ugliness and hate spewed across the internet and among sparring groups. It is truly disturbing and unsettling to witness the mix of hate, ignorance and apathy that has overcome society. (But as a believer in Christ, I believe in reconciliation, love and compassion and I have hope that the good will overcome the bad.)





So there is my ever so brief recap of what has gone on this year. I hope you enjoyed the photos and will stop by again in the future.

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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