Fourth of July

This past weekend, I was able to enjoy a picnic and fireworks with friends out in the county. We ate to our heart’s content and enjoyed a lot of laughs. It was good to get my camera out for a bit after a long time of not being able to. I have been having wrist and hand pain off and on for over a year and it has really hindered my growth as a photographer. BUT nevertheless, I hope you can enjoy the rare post here on the blog.

We set the fireworks off of wet cardboard on the back patio and doused any poorly lit ones with water (no visits from Smokey the Bear this year). Our guests from Spain probably think Americans are wimps when it comes to fireworks, since they celebrate Las Fallas Festival every year.


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed the holiday as well. To see more of my work, follow any photo link to the event album or click here: SmugMug account.

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