Where have you been?

It is not hard to figure out that I have been absent from blogging for the past five months. A series of frustrating events have led up to today. I can only briefly explain due to pain in my hand, but I will say that I have been seeing doctors and two doctors this past week have told me to see a rheumatologist. My recent health issues, mainly joint pain, has put me out from work on unpaid conditional medical leave due to the physical demands of my current job position. This is a nice way of saying, I am laid-off, but not quite fired. So in spurts, I am trying to draft my cover letter and resume so I can apply to new jobs within the UVA system. I am focusing on acquiring permanent clerical/administrative work since that will be compatible with my health concerns.

I would like to see this, “road block,” as an opportunity to move into a job that better fits my abilities and interests. The period of limbo between jobs will be difficult and confusing, but I believe that God is ahead of me preparing my path. He has answered prayers before when I have faced unemployment and I know He will continue to provide.

Time to say adieu so I can use this sore right hand to apply for jobs… Thank you for stopping by today.

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