“Try This!” Thursday

Today, I am going to share some easy, simple ideas for DIY home projects. Some of these are inspired by pins I have put together on my Pinterest boards. I am hoping to continue the “Try This!” series into 2014. Feel free to comment below with any ideas or if you would like me to blog about one of your projects (credit will be given).

1. Reclaimed Wood Couch Arm Table from SHOPPE.

This is an item for sale by Reclaimed PA at an online store called SHOPPE ($105), but it is also a simple enough idea to do if you have scrap materials. It is basically a three-sided wood piece that fits over the arm of your couch. Materials that could be used for this would be wood planks, nails or screws, a electric drill/driver, sanding paper, and finish or paint. Make sure the measure to fit your couch so that it is snug enough to keep tabletop items from falling off.

2. Match your paint to your favorite item.

This is simple. If you have a favorite item in your room, say a pillow or a funky figurine, you can take the item to your local hardware store and they can match paint colors to that item. Then you can accent your room by painting a bookcase, dresser, or other item the same color.

3. Hang a clothesline.

Not a real one. This is something I have done twice in living spaces where I don’t want to punch a bunch of holes in the wall. The idea is to hang string or twine between two nails or thumbtacks in the wall and then use binder clips or clothespins to add interesting 2D or 3D items. (Walmart sells mini clothespins for office use.) My current line has three thumbtacks (one in the center to help bear weight). On it, I have several small paintings, an interesting handmade card I picked up in Honduras, a large photograph I had printed and a few smaller ones, a card from England, a drawing I did in college, a print from a local artist, my college honor cords, an ornament, and a small piece of fabric from Costa Rica. I have all this hanging on my wall, but only three holes! Awesome! This is a great idea for an office space where you might want to hang up drafts or ideas for projects. Another perk is that you can easily change out what is hanging on the line as the year goes by.

4. Let’s eat! Eggs and peppers?

A colorful way to fix a vegetable for breakfast is to slice bell peppers horizontally, to create rings, and break eggs into the center on a frying pan. Cook ’em up and serve ’em! It’s an eye-catching, healthy breakfast. Apron Strings calls them Flower Power Eggs.

5. Spread some color with seeds.

There are three easy flowers for a starter garden in Virginia: poppies, columbine, and cleome/spider plant. Many of your neighbors may even have these flowers growing in their beds. In the late spring, it is easy to harvest seeds from poppies and columbine. Once the seed pods dry and turn brown, you can shake the seeds right out into a dry, paper envelope. Later in the year, the same can be done with the cleome. You can pick up seeds at a farmer’s market, a gardening store, and maybe even from a neighbor. All three of these flowers are easy to grow and spread. And they don’t need to be maintained like a bush or a potted plant from the store. *Warning: Poppy flower petals will stain clothes.

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope these ideas inspire a project!

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