Welcome to the Oscars

I am never quite sure if I should date my New Year’s Eve party photos for the previous year or the new year, but I do know that this big annual party was a blast again this time around! It really is the social event of the year – with attendees planning months ahead and numerous discussions on the theme. This year we celebrated the new year with the theme of “Welcome to the Oscars.” Maria, the resident videographer, interviewed attendees as they came in on the red carpet and I took photos as the resident paparazzi.

Last year, I shared all black and white images from the Roaring 1920’s Murder Mystery party and this year, I was able to share some in color. Low fluorescent lighting, no flash and soft yellow walls is always an interesting challenge. Luckily, I have better software this time around and it greatly helps with reducing yellow and red overtones.



To see more images, follow this link to my portfolio gallery.

We all toasted at midnight with champagne and the Spanish tradition of eating grapes. We watched a Spanish ball drop and enjoyed music for a couple more hours. I particularly enjoyed the congo line that formed during one song and the Macarena. (How long has it been since the Macarena was last played at a party??)

Thank you to all of those who allowed me to take their portraits. Please do not save or use any of my images without permission. If you would like to have a digital file with a printing release, please email me at sarahderrphoto@gmail.com for details. High quality prints are purchasable through the portfolio gallery link. Free web-sized files for sharing on Facebook and Instagram are available – just ask!

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I will be posting later in the week about some news regarding other work I have done and changes coming to my business in 2014. To get an email notification for new posts, you can subscribe to my blog using the “Follow” link in the right sidebar of this post and on my Contact page or through an option in the Comments section below. You can also join the 2014 email newsletter list by emailing me at sarahderrphoto@gmail.com with the email address you would like added – newsletters will be sent out only on special occasions. Everyone who joins the newsletter list by Valentine’s Day will be entered into a drawing for a free mini portrait session and a Starbucks gift card. (Free stuff?? Sounds awesome, right? Yep, I think so.)

Thanks, y’all!

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