The Shapes and Spaces of UVA

A week ago, I joined a few friends up at Afton Mountain for a Hawk Watch and then briefly up at Carter Mountain for some apple cider. The I-64 exit on Afton is an overpass through the Blue Ridge Mountains and we could see out into the valleys where hawks were circling in updrafts and migrating for the winter. It was really chilly up there in the windy fall-like air, especially so since I was coming down with a cold. Colds really zap the inspiration out of me, because all I want to do is be warm and sleep. But I still had a good time since it was such a beautiful day. Later on, I managed an evening walk with my dad through UVA’s campus and I will be adding some of the photos from our walk to my Shapes and Spaces of Charlottesville project.

And these are photos from Afton and Carter Mountains:

In the photo above, you can see in the background, Sunshine bundled up in lots of layers. It was chilly!

Yep, I might have a nice camera, but I was not particularly inspired last Saturday. I have gone to work every day since last Sunday while still sick…. mostly because between short-staffed workplaces and having to pay bills, I could not get out of work. But I am on the mend and super excited that while you are reading this post on this fine Saturday morning, I am on my way to a family reunion! I think I must have one of those rare families where everyone gets along and enjoys each other’s company. I am hoping that the leaves have started to change out in the Appalachian Mountains. It is colder out there and I know that the last week in September last year was the peak.

I published two of my UVA photos to Instagram, here is one of them below:

Anyway, enjoy your weekend wherever you are! Thank you for reading today’s post. Come back next week for more photos.

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