*Sneak Peek!* The Shapes and Spaces of UVA

My photowalk through UVA will probably have to be done again, because I can’t say there is much inspiration to be had when I am sick and on DayQuil. But last Saturday was a nice day and I wanted to spend it outside. I have a few photos to share later on this week, but for now, here is an image from the amphitheater near the Lawn. When I passed by, the crew was setting up for Tina Fey’s debut. If I had not been sick that day, I might have actually gone to the event.

The upcoming “The Shapes and Spaces of UVA” post will also include a couple of photos from earlier in the day from when I went up to the Afton and Carter Mountains for other events. This weekend, if I am lucky, I will be able to attend a family reunion. If so, I will have something to share next week (including, say…. portraits?!). It is hard to make sure I get out with my camera, when I am working three other part-time jobs!

Busy, busy.

Thank you for stopping by today! Come again.

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