*Sneak Peek!* Photo book coming in 2014!

I am currently working on a draft of a photo book I hope to publish in or by 2014. It will feature my year-long “Shapes and Spaces of Charlottesville” project. The preview you see below is just a draft as I play around with ideas. There are so many questions to consider! Do I want a black page background? Maybe white? How do I custom design this template? Do I want to pair these photos? How do I want my pages to progress? What’s the story? Do I want to use Blurb to publish this book? Who might be interested in purchasing a book?

The book is in the works and has offered a great way to get out and explore my hometown. I know for certain that it has been interesting to pair up photos from different parts of the city and see the relationship that each of these pairs create. Below I have included a screenshot of the book template program I am working in. This pairing may change, but for now I have these two photos together.

Sarah Derr Photography (c) 2013
Sarah Derr Photography (c) 2013

Thank you for viewing today’s post! I hope you will leave some feedback below in the comment section and return for further updates on this project. I am hoping that this book will sell and that I can donate a good portion of the proceeds to local non-profits.

What are your thoughts on today's post?

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