Kiara’s Senior Session

We had a nice overcast morning for Kiara’s session. Well, it was really humid, but it was not too hot or too bright. This summer has been unusually wet and cooler than normal. Kiara is going to be a senior this year in high school and we talked some about band and the instruments she plays. She was actually in summer band camp the week we had our session and she was preparing for another year in the marching band. I used to be in an orchestra and it was great to talk about high school music again.

I hope you enjoy Kiara’s photos and her lovely smile!

The photo on the right below is probably the most candid. I basically thought hey what perspective could I gain from climbing the fence and I really only got one shot with that idea because the fence felt unsafe. I am sure some passerby was thinking I was crazy crawling up a fence with a camera. Maybe Kiara did too. 🙂

Thank you Kiara! We had a fun session exploring Forest Lakes and talking about high school. It is hard to believe that has already been over six years since my high school graduation. Kiara is looking forward to her senior year and I am sure she will be off to great things afterwards! To see more photos from our session, click on any of the photos above to follow the link to my online gallery.

In other news, for my blog followers who are the praying type – please pray for my mom’s family. She just lost her uncle, my great uncle, to terminal cancer. My Grandpa and Uncle Richard were neighbors in their retirement condo community and so I got to know Rich better over the last few years of his life. So please pray for his wife and son as well as his brother and everyone who got to know him. He left behind a greater legacy than I even knew. I just learned on Sunday that he founded a church 50 years ago that is down the street from my junior year of college apartment. Grandpa and Uncle Richard were and are amazing examples of being strong through hard times and living life to the fullest. My Grandpa is always lending a hand to others, keeping up his two properties, and defying the earned age of 93. Uncle Richard was very much the same way – always on the go, serving the Lord and others, and offering cheerful conversation.

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